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What costs can I expect?
Will my health insurance cover my surgery?
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What is a cosmetic surgeon?
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Will my Health Fund cover the costs of surgery?

If your surgery is not purely cosmetic a claim can usually be made on your Health Fund for surgery and any inpatient costs. Dr O'Mahony 's office will always send you a written quotation of the estimated surgical fee after your consultation. For procedures under sedation or general anaesthetic, the Specialist Anaesthetist working with Dr O'Mahony will send you a separate quotation of their fee.

As of June 2014 a some Private Health Insureres have indicated they may no longer cover some reconstructive procedures despite the fact that Medicare recognises them as reconstructive by allocating them an 'Item Number'. This is a very worrying precendent for our patients and the Australian Society of Plastic Surgeons is working actively to have these changes addressed. As a result of this it is more vital than ever before that patients confirm their cover with their Health Insurance Company well in advance of their admission to hospital for any reconstructive procedure. Dr O'Mahony and her office will assist where necessary and appropriate in providing documents to support the medical need for your procedure. 

Unfortunately there is no uniformity among Health Insurance Providers in Australia, and each Health Fund's individual policies vary greatly in the rebates they pay their customers for medical procedures. Some policies will cover most or all of your surgical costs whereas others will cover a much smaller proportion for the same surgery. In this case you may be required to make an additional out of pocket 'Gap' payment. Furthermore, some policies exclude certain procedures such as Reconstructive Plastic Surgery. It is your responsibility to check the quote with your Health Fund so you know what your policy covers you for and if you will have any out of pocket costs, prior to proceeding with surgery.

If you require pathology or radiology tests as part of your treatment you may receive a separate bill from these specialists.

If your question is not answered here, please do not hesitate to ask Dr O'Mahony via our contact us page.

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